Arnold Schwarzenegger’s SECRET

Arnold without any doubts is still representing one of the biggest bodybuilding legends and that is why a big number of lovers in bodybuilding today are trying to achieve a small part of his success.


What is characteristic only for Arnold are his unique exercises and movements with what he achieve his biggest success. This exercise is looking for incredible physical readiness and is very complex for performing, this is the reason why today the only small percentage of training programs have them include.

That’s why stay till the end of this article and find out about what exercise we are talking about and try to put them in your next training.

Exercise number 1- ARNOLD PRESS

Arnold press exercise for shoulder what represents exercise with one-handed weight were with putting on extra key rotation of one hand’s weights you are getting excellent muscle stimulation of front muscle shoulder from a different angle comparing with a standard shoulder press exercise.

At the beginning, each of one-handed weight is put on high with shoulders were your palm are towards you and elbows are very near your body. The after the lifting of one-handed weight there mass be rotation in the last position from this exercise palms need to be rotated forward.

Exercise number 2 – FRONT SQUATS

Front squat exercise it was an integral part of training program for legs in a golden age of bodybuilding. Today it is very rear for practicing this exercise first because of complexity and incredible physical willingness what is a need for practicing this exercise.

This exercises includes squats with balancing the weight of a front shoulder(what can be a painful position for a big number of bodybuilders)But, complexity while performing this exercise is exactly what make her incredibly effective in targeting lower part of quadriceps.


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