9 Basic Rules For A Healthy Nutrition

For a good and outstanding performance despite proper and regular exercise it is necessary to have a healthy and proper diet.

Most people believe that a healthy diet takes too much time and is a complex process.

But the truth is that for a proper and healthy diet it is necessary to know a few basic rules.

So in this article you will be given some basic rules for a healthy nutrition (these tips are made by professional fitness trainers, fitness athletes and famous sports nutritionists).


Rule number 1

Avoid frequent consumption of fat, foods that contain too much salt and simple carbohydrates (sugars).

fast food

You should eliminate almost 90% of fast food, sweet dishes and snacks like sodas and smoothies.

Often consumption of these foods provides a sense of fatigue and moodiness, instead of providing energy of the body to perform daily tasks.


Rule number 2

Eat more abundant breakfast comprised of complex carbohydrates and protein to start your metabolism and gain energy for the future activities of the day.


In fact, consumption of protein is necessary for proper and regular muscle growth, while consumption of complex carbohydrates will provide energy to the body (this breakfast can consist of protein shakes combined with oat flakes, combined omelet with cheese and fruit).



Rule number 3

Always try to eat every 4 hours during the day – 80% of the meals should be a combination of protein and carbohydrates.

meat and potatoes

Any subsequent combination is an excellent choice for a healthy and orderly meal: tuna / rice, clean pieces of meat / potatoes, omelet with cheese / fruit or pure chicken / pasta.


Rule number 4

If you want to gain muscle mass you should consume at least 4 meals (these meals should contain more calories which will be a high intake of protein and carbohydrates) during the day.

protein shakes

If you want to gain lean muscle mass you need to consume at least 5 meals that contain fewer calories and reduce high intake of carbohydrates, but you also need to maintain the high protein intake.

It should also be noted that the majority of the total daily intake of calories should be consumed up to 6 pm.


Rule number 5

Professional fitness trainers and bodybuilding athletes advise that if you want to gain lean muscle mass you need to consume more protein in relation to the consumption of carbohydrates.

These proteins should be a combination of fresh prepared foods and protein supplements.

protein food


Rule number 6

If you decide to have a snack between two main meals you need to have a healthy snack instead of junk food combined with carbonated beverages.

protein chocolate

But don’t let this snack substitute any of the main meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner).

A good and proper choice for a healthy snack: fruit or vegetables, protein shake or protein chocolate, cottage cheese or egg whites.


Rule number 7

Avoid consuming larger quantities of simple carbohydrates (sugars).


Simple carbs provide quick energy but it lasts for a very short period and the excessive consumption of sugar can make a mess in our metabolism and this will increase the feeling of fatigue and store excess sugar into fat.


Rule number 8

Before every workout it is necessary to provide energy to the body so it’s able to do a great and intense training.


Before every workout (45-60 minutes) you can have an easily digestible meal.

This meal should contain complex carbohydrates that provide energy for a longer period.

All this will contribute to a longer and more intense training.


Rule number 9

Water is one of the most important nutrients for our body.


The quality of the muscle tissues, their performance and their resistance to damage largely depends on the quantity and quality of water consumed.

So always consume plenty of water (this is especially important during every workout).



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