8 Most Common Exercising Mistakes That you Should Avoid.

Following an appropriate exercising program that includes a combination of regular exercises, number of sets and repetitions is an excellent basis for achieving your goal.

But even when strictly complying with such a plan, it is possible to do several small or large exercising mistakes.


1.You don’t have a set goal

“I want to lose weight” and “I want to increase muscle mass” are very general ideas by which you can’t create an appropriate training program.

Following programs that worked for other people will give you results, but not the ones you expect.

Set short and long term goals and then aim at achieving them. Setting a goal that is not associated with the gym can help you a lot.

Run a marathon or try any other sport with your friends, and you will clearly see the results.

This way you will always have the motivation to improve yourself.


2.You skip warming up

This is one of the most common training mistakes that people make because they are rushing to start exercising.

But remember that the time spent in warming up will help you reach the maximum.

Before you challenge your muscular system with exercise, you must warm up. At least 5 minutes on the roller or a dynamic stretching is enough to have a safe and effective workout.

3.You make excessive breaks

Instead of looking for something else to do during breaks between exercises, try to focus on the exercise that follows.

Long pauses distract your attention, reduce pulse and cool down the muscles, resulting in workouts with dramatically lower performance and less calories burned.

excessive breaks

4.You don’t make changes in your training program

To know if you are progressing with your shape and weight you must repeat the exercises.

But excessive repetition at some point loses its effect because your body gets used to the movement and the challenges of the weights. And to achieve maximum results you need to make a change.

Try to make changes in your training program – add a new exercise that requires different movements from what you’ve been doing until now, or increase the number of repetitions.

Do not allow the body to enter into a routine.

5.Improper forms of exercises

This is one of the most common training mistakes that those who want to use heavier weights make.

In their eagerness to move on to bigger weights they do not observe the form of the exercises.

Focus on the performance of the exercises instead of the weight, because every exercise with an improper form equals wasted time.

If you want to achieve results you need to practice properly. Moreover, by neglecting the form of exercises when exercising with heavy weights you risk injury.

6.You are not focused

From the moment you enter the gym it is very important to stay focused on what you do there.

It is not enough to go through the workout mechanically making the familiar movements.

All of us sometimes go to the gym tired, nervous or out of focus, which results in putting the our brain on “autopilot”.

But unfortunately this does not help to achieve the desired results. Push yourself constantly.

Point your whole attention to exercise and monitor your progress because this way you will have results.


7.You neglect your lower body

“Never skip leg day” is a familiar phrase in the fitness world, yet many people repeat this mistake.

The exercises for legs are hard and tend to be uncomfortable, but are also very important.

Legs are the foundation that holds the upper part of your body. If you make your basis stronger you can achieve amazing results.

Do not skip the exercises for legs but find the ones that are most suitable for you and you will see that it’s worth it.

8.You skip workouts

Consistency is the basis for achieving your goal. If you start to find excuses to skip workouts it will quickly become a habit and will affect your performance in the gym and out of it.

Do not forget the psychological moment of exercising in the gym and the effects that it has on the mental strength, self-confidence and self-discipline.

When you don’t feel like exercising, that’s when you need to show up to the gym and give the best of yourself.