6 Easy Steps For Forming Perfect Abs

When it comes to changing your physical condition, you must know what you want and be honest with yourself at the outset.


Think of small improvements that can be made daily and occasionally. Visualize the same, and the achievement of the goal.

When it comes to what you want to achieve, you must solve a few things.

First you need to determine the balance between how much you devote to work in the kitchen and pay attention to your nutrition and how much time you devote to exercise and visit the gym.

There are strong arguments for both activities, but because most people want perfectly defined abdominal muscles, the numbers of the arguments are constantly increasing.

One of the most common things among many people is that they believe that the best way of getting those perfect abs is simply their overwhelming desire for the same, but their plan failed and only after a few days they are giving up.

The goal that they would like, at this point seems unattainable, and soon they return to old habits.

When people want to learn how to get well-defined abs, the most common questions asked are which exercises they should do or how hard you need to practice ?!

In fact, all these issues at the outset are unnecessary because they will only result in unnecessary frustration.

Actually, in reaching this goal, you should strive to achieve perfection, but to maintain balance, coordinating the daily activities about proper nutrition and exercise.

In terms of nutrition, there is no magic formula or potion that will form the abdominal muscles. In fact, the solution is in calories, i.e. the ratio between imported and calories burned, something that you’ve probably heard many times. But it’s the truth!


The most important thing is to be objective and to be careful with your diet to make sure you create a corresponding deficit of calories.

One of the rules for determining the required amount of calories you should enter daily, and thereby lose weight is multiplying your body weight by 12-13 and that figure gives some guidance where to begin.

Over time, when you start to notice the changes and progress, you can make a change in the amount of calories you consume daily.

In fact, there are several strategies that seem to be a small change and that will allow you to lose weight, while not making drastic changes to your diet.

Follow these steps:

1.Make a plan

As stated previously, it is necessary to specify a routine that fits your lifestyle.

It is important not to be too strict with yourself because life is unpredictable and you should be flexible in every aspect.

The key to success is persistence.

2.Take your food to go

People evolved through survival. The human body is built so that each amount of energy is stored.

Fats represent stored energy that the body needs to be able to survive.

If you starve yourself, the body reacts by storing the fats as reserves, while slowing down the metabolism. Supplying your body constantly with food, will speed up your metabolism while you can use more fat as an energy source.

Also, having food at all times, will prevent consumption of fast food rich in fats and has many calories.

“Supplying your body with food, will speed up your metabolism!”

3.Drink plenty of water

Try to drink a full glass of water as soon as you wake up.

It will be a fast start of your metabolism and start rehydration after sleeping.

With the right level of hydration you will help your body to consume fats as energy.

  1. Reduce alcohol to a minimum

The negative consequences of alcohol consumption are many. Dehydration of the body, disruption of hormonal balance, unnecessary calories and similar. All this will have a negative impact on your progress. But moderation is most important. A glass of wine at dinner will not impede your progress.

5.Be moderate

Don’t ever be afraid to eat anything you want at that moment and don’t punish yourself.

Most restaurants offer meals that are healthy and fit your diet. Such is pure meat or fish, cooked rice or vegetables. It is a good choice.

Satisfy your desire, but remember your goal.

Remember that perhaps the chicken wings are delicious to eat, but if you eat too many of them, you will gain weight!

6.The truth is actually:

“The abdominal muscles are like any other muscle groups so with exercise they will increase and provide an even better look.”

Anatomy of the abdominal muscles

Abdominal muscles are composed of four main groups of muscles: anterior abdominal muscles, upper and lower lateral abdominal muscles and the transverse abdominal muscles.

Each of these muscles play a role in exercise and create what is called well defined abs.

In addition we present a training program that equally activates all of the above muscles, the result of the intensive training will be to achieve the goal – perfect abs.

Exercises for abdominal muscles

Warm up: 2 sets of 50 alternating lateral rotations and 25 classic abdominal exercises with folded hands over your head

– Super-Series 1) Abdominal exercises with a pilates ball with side lift and raising the legs – 2 series

– Super-series 2) riding a “bike” and lifting and bending the legs – 2 series

– Super-series 3) raising the legs and lateral abdominal exercises (1 series on each side) – 1 series of each exercise

Super-series 4) side bridge 30 seconds

– Finally: 2 sets of 50 alternating lateral rotations and 25 classic abdominal exercises with folded hands over your head

This is a fairly advanced program, so beginners should do only one set of each exercise and gradually increase the number of series over time.

To make it easier to see your progress, use a stopwatch to see how long you need to do the exercises and make sure to have a better time result next week.