5 Things You Should Not do in The Gym if You Want Better Results

Whenever we want better results from the time and energy which we invest in the gym, we keep track of our nutrition, have intensive workouts, and higher quality equipment.

But we often make mistakes in the gym that unconsciously sabotage the effects of training.


How to improve your results?

We often talk about what and how to do it in the gym, but it is time to talk about what NOT to do if you want better results:

1.Do not mix up intense workouts with progress

To progress you need to invest more in your training, but the reverse is not always true. Strenuous workouts are not always the key to better results.

Progress happens from different aspects and not every type of hard training will bring the results you desire. For example, exercising with weights of 15 kg in a series of 60 repetitions is equally hard as exercising with 35 kg in a series of 10 repetitions, but these 2 types of training will give very different results.

The first will get you a mild, transient muscle growth, while the second will help you progress with long-term effects on muscle mass.

Do not waste energy in vain. Decide which in aspect you want to see progress to know what to focus on.


2.Never reach for more weight before you perfect the form

We know that the exercises with bigger weights give better results, but not at any price. If you rush with increasing the weight without being careful with the form, you get the opposite effect and increase the risk of injury.

The form of execution is particularly important in the exercises involving complex movements, such as deadlift and squats. Instead of thinking of how to put more weight on the rod, follow your movements, and if necessary, consult with an experienced coach.

3.Never be guided by others’ training programs

Seeing how others perform better, it’s very easy to fall into a trap and to try to practice their training program.

By monitoring a program that works for someone else the chances harm yourself are bigger, due to the differences in physique, strength, stamina, fitness level, aim, and in many other aspects.

It is always good to see how the people around you exercise, but it does not mean you should exercise like them.

Follow a training program that was exclusively created for you and you will notice that in a short while you will start to achieve better results.

4.Focus on your workout

There are many factors in the gym that may distract your attention from the exercise you perform and defocus you.

Although most of them seem harmless, reckless exercising can bring serious consequences.

Avoid conversations with people around you or texting.

Finish everything that is necessary before you start exercising, and then focus on breathing, performance and on the signs your body gives you.

5.Do not neglect any part of your body

This is perhaps one of the most common mistakes that occur in the gym, and for two reasons.

The first is too much focus on one part of the body – for example, arms or chest for men, butt and legs for women. Let me remind you that our body is designed to function in harmony, so if you neglect a part at the expense of forcing another part can’t have positive effects in the long term.

This will cause uneven development of the body that can result in poor appearance and disharmony in body functions such as movement, for example. It’s fine to work more on a specific body part, but not to completely neglect the rest.

The second reason for avoid exercises for a certain muscle group is shame. If everyone around you can perform more difficult exercises for legs which you think you can’t perform, it is possible to feel ashamed and neglect that muscle group.

Don’t do this. Remember that you go to the gym to work on improving, not showing what your strengths are.