5 Most Common Injuries in Fitness

It’s almost impossible to avoid minor injuries when you exercise regularly. But it’s important to know how to handle them when they occur so you can avoid bigger complications.

1. Pain in the lower back
Almost 80% of all people suffer from lower back pain at some period of their lives. The reason for this may be weak abdominal and back muscles so regular exercise will significantly help to deal with them.
If you are exercising and you experience chronic problems, it may be a sign that the pain is caused by your fitness program. At that point, you need to make a short break, after which you need to modify the program. If you still have problems after that, you need to consult your doctor or get an aid.

Back muscle pain

2. Muscle injury and sprains
If you happen to injure the tendon of a muscle or sprain an ankle then you should apply ice on the injured area in the next 24 to 48 hours at intervals of 15 minutes, 3 to 4 times daily. If the swelling hasn’t reduced after 2 days, you should consult a doctor.
To avoid these types of injuries you need to stretch every time before you exercise. Also, don’t use the same pair of running sneakers for more than 6 months. As soon as this period passes, buy a new pair. You should buy fitness shoes that give good support on your feet, not the ones that look beautiful or the ones that are trendy.

Muscle injury and sprains

3. Pain in the knees
The knee is the most complicated and most important joint in the human body.
There are many ways in which you can injure your knees so you need to be especially careful with the pressure you apply to them. Try to limit the stress on the knees which is highest when climbing stairs, running, cycling, jumping etc. If you run on asphalt or concrete, your knees suffer more. If you can, try cross running. If you experience pain in your knees, take a break from your regular activities. If the pain doesn’t disappear in a few days, it may be time for physical therapy, and if it intensifies, you need to see a doctor.

knee pain

4. Neck pain
Sometimes you wake up in the morning and your neck is stiff. It’s a very sensitive part of the body and can easily be damaged even by activities unrelated to sports, but very often some injuries can occur due to improper exercise with weights or cardiovascular workouts. If you experience pain in your neck, do not rotate the head in a full circle. Carefully stretch the neck back and forth, and then left to right. Instead of ice, try applying moist warm compresses.

Neck pain

5. Skin irritation
While exercising, your skin may irritate in the places where it is in contact with your clothes (between your legs; the straps from sports bras; the elastic band on your socks etc.) To prevent irritations, change the clothes in which you exercise. Also, don’t wear cotton clothes because they stay wet.
Try the new synthetic fabrics that reduce friction. For women it is advisable to choose bras with flat or covered seams.
But if you already have skin irritation, moisten that part with a special gel or apply talc.

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