5 Back Building Myths – Build A Bigger Back

If you’ve been lifting for longer you probably know that pushing exercises don’t require as much as focus to detail as pulling exercises do.

Once you pass the beginner period, you need a certain level of mind – muscle connection so you can properly work on your back. But unfortunately, a lot of people don’t focus enough and do a lot of mistakes just so they can do another set.


1. The Dumbbell Row is a good lat exercise

Don’t take this the wrong way, I know that rowing movements target the upper back, but other rowing movements will hit these muscles more and better than the dumbbell row.

The reason for this is the position of the body in relation to the dumbbell.


2. If you’re pulling, you’re working on your back

You can’t see people perform a pull in the proper way by first pulling in the scapulae that often. Most lifters understand this, but still don’t do it properly. When you do this, most of the upper back dominant moves won’t require a heavy load to hit a target rep range and provide a good stimulation.

Also, compensatory motions, like the torso “jerk” pattern most people perform to help them bring their arms closer to their bodies, negate any involvement of the back whatsoever.

Even people who do pull in the scapulae first, the often make a mistake and set the shoulders in a locked position. Simply said, they keep them retracted and depressed throughout the whole set. Which is a big mistake because better control of the shoulder means you can allow them to move and make them stay in one position whenever you want, which is very important because you won’t hold an isometric anymore and allow your body to be in a stronger position and allow better circulation to the muscles.


3. The lats are the “wings” beside the armpits

A lot of people complain their lats are sore after a back training and point to the part besides their armpits. And people often make a mistake and think that the lats only provide width, which is not true. They actually are crucial for developing thickness.

People who try to increase size will have better results if they understand this and tap deeper into the lower – lat tissue which will help them increase their back volume.


4. You should always do pull – ups

Even though pull – ups are one of the most important movements for upper body building and strength, they don’t have to be included into every back program. And they shouldn’t be considered as the only choice for posture correction.

But based on the body’s starting position, the overhead position can harm the shoulders, which will result in immobility in the presence of a kyphotic spine.

And it’s recommended for people with a kyphotic spine to perform more rowing movements than pull – ups.

5. The Dumbbell Pullover is a great lat movement

This exercise has been one of the most used exercises for ages. A lot of people use pullovers to target the lats, but the angle of force here only hits half of the lats, and only throughout about 40% of the exercise.

Once the load exceed eye level and gets to the abs and the chest, gravity takes over and the chest, triceps and shoulders start to bear the weight.

To make something good out of a bad thing, get a dual – handled rope and an overhead cable pulley and set them in front of a bench. Lie on the bench like when performing the classic pullover, but grasp the ropes and not the dumbbell.

The resistance will pull your arms over your head and toward the cable pulley, and not toward the ground, you can now use your lats to contract against the resistance for a better percentage of the motion pattern.