4 Versions Of The Lat – Pull Down For Maximum Lat Development

The goal of many lifters is to sculpt an impressive, massive back, yet a lot of them rely on the one or two most popular exercises to get results, and only some of them are ready to work harder in order to achieve their goal.

And that brings us to one of the most effective exercises which mainly targets the latissimus dorsi – the lat pull – down. It also activates the rhomboids, the lower and middle trapezius, the serratus, and also the biceps and the brachialis.

This makes the lat pull – down one of the exercises you need to include into your program. And in this article we are going to show you 5 lat pull –down versions you should try for maximum back development.


Lat Pull-Down Basics

Besides aesthetics, the advantages of having a strong back are many and some of them are improved spine health and better posture. It’s also important for building your chest, meaning the more you perform the lat pull – downs, the more you’ll be prepared to work on your chest.

Neglecting your back can lead to rounded shoulders, shoulder and neck pain and muscular imbalance. The chances of this are even bigger if you work on the front muscles at the expense of your back.


Basic Lat Pull-Down Technique

  • Sit down on a pull – down machine and attach a wide bar to the top pulley.
  • Hold the bar with a medium grip and your palms facing forwards.
  • Extend your arms forwards, and pull your torso backwards and stick your chest out. Make sure your elbow are pointing straight down.
  • Draw your shoulder blades and your upper arms back and down, start bringing the bar down until it touches your chest.
  • Pause for a moment, then raise the bar up in a controlled manner.


Wide-Grip Lat Pull-Down

If your main goal is to increase your back’s width, than this is the perfect version of lat – pull down for you. The wide grip version stimulates the teres major and the upper – lat fibers and also activates the forearms, the biceps, triceps and rotator cuff muscles.

One of the best advantages of this version is increased pull – up strength.


Behind-the-Neck Lat Pull-Down

Even though this version can put more stress on the shoulder for some people, it’s still one of the best back building exercises for a lot of people. The range of motion allows a stronger contraction which leads to bigger and better gains, as long as you’ve perfected the form and start with a lighter weight.


Reverse Close-Grip Lat Pull-Down

This version of the lat pull – down is perfect for building the lower lats. Grab a lat bar with an underhand, close –grip and attach it to the high pulley one the lat station. Make sure your chest is up and the lower back is arched when you are pulling the bar down to the chest. You should know that the closer your hands are, the more muscles of the center of the back are involved.

This exercises stimulates the building of the lats since it improves the range of motion in the scapula and the shoulder joints, and it also increases shoulder stability.

Single-Arm Lat Pull-Down

Unilateral exercises are the best regarding improving maximizing contraction and mind – muscle connection.

You should try and do a few lighter sets of single – arm lat pull – downs at the end of the workout. You should do every rep slowly and in a controlled manner and pause at the bottom position for a few seconds before returning to the top.

When you pull the handle down, make sure your elbows are squeezed to your sides.