4 Super Set Versions For More Gains

A “super set” is a combination of two, three or more movements without any rest between them.

It may sound simple, and it basically is, but there are a lot of different variations and combinations of the Super set which you can combine to create the perfect powerful technique for your workouts. Some of them are:

  • Staggered Super Set
  • Pre Exhaust Super Set
  • Post Exhaust Super Set
  • Antagonist Muscle Super Set


Antagonist Muscle Super Set

This Super set includes working on opposed muscle groups, like performing a set of triceps pushdowns followed by a set of bicep curls.

The Antagonist muscle super set is an amazing way to maintain high strength levels while also compressing the workout time. Working on two opposite muscles increases your strength in a more efficient way.

An example of this super set would be to work on your triceps and biceps, performing an exercise for the biceps followed by a triceps exercise without any breaks between the exercises, which makes one Super set. This saves you a lot of time, targets the muscles in a better way and also gives you an amazing pump for the whole muscle group you are working on.


Pre-Exhaust Super Set

With the pre – exhaust super set you target the same muscle twice: first with an isolation movement and then with a compound movement without any rest between them. This is an amazing way to build muscle groups you had struggled with.

For instance, if your chest is stubborn and you struggle to develop it, you might have a hard time working your pecs when performing chest exercises. The solution for this is to perform an isolation exercise to pre-exhaust your pecs, and then perform a compound exercise.

You can begin with a set of pec deck flys and follow it with a set of barbell bench presses. This makes one super set. Take a short break and continue with the next set.

Here are a couple of the best combinations for the pre – exhaust super sets:

  • Chest: bench press + peck deck fly
  • Shoulders: barbell shoulder press + dumbbell side lateral raises
  • Biceps: standing barbell curls + preacher curls
  • Legs: squats + leg extensions
  • Triceps: close grips bench press + triceps push downs


Post-Exhaust Super Set

Another great version of the super sets is the post – exhaust version, which is the opposite of the pre – exhaust version. So, instead of performing the isolation exercise first, and the compound move second, you start with the compound exercise and end with the isolation exercise.

This still hits the targeted muscle groups hard, but it also allows you to use heavier weights for the compound movement. I can’t say that one of these versions is better than the other because each one has it has ups and downs. But you could alternate and perform the pre – exhaust super set for one week, and then perform the post – exhaust set the next week to get the best results out of both versions.


Staggered Super Set

This variation of the super sets combines working on unrelated muscles and is an amazing way to include some extra work for the stubborn muscles. For instance, if your calves are stubborn, you can hit them more if you perform calve raises using the super sets in your other body parts workouts.

For instance, you could perform a quick set of calve raises after each set of your chest workout. So once you are done with one set of bench presses, perform a set of calve raises. Take a short break and repeat. This makes a staggered super set.

You can also use the same method on your abs. Just add a set of leg raises or crunches in between other exercises.

Staggered super sets are best for smaller non – taxing muscle groups such as calves, abs, forearms, etc. You shouldn’t use stagger sets with big movements like deadlifts since they are demanding enough already. But you can use the stagger sets with crunches, wrist curls, calve raises or with any other smaller movement.