The 4 Best Triceps Exercises

Gain muscle mass with these 4 exercises

The biceps is usually the most important thing for a lot of bodybuilders. But in order to get a great, full look and to have muscle balance, you need to tone all of the muscles on your arms.

Sadly, the triceps is a part of the arms which many people forget about. And even though it seems like it’s hard to get toned and well-shaped triceps, we’ve set up a list of the exercises which will help you get the desired look and shape.

You should perform them in 3 or 4 sets of 6 to 10 repetitions.

1.Triceps kick back

Put the right knee and the right hand on a bench in order to support your body. Get a dumbbell in your left hand and make sure to place the upper arm parallel to the floor.

Pull the forearm back so that it is parallel to the floor. Until performing the desired repetitions, switch the side and do the same with the right hand.


2.Triceps bench press

Get a barbell and the desired weight and place your hands together with a width which is smaller than the shoulder one. Lower the barbell to the chest (just like regular bench press).

To target your triceps, make sure your elbows are put close to the body when you’re lowering the bar. Push up until you extend your arm as much as you can and then repeat.

3.Cable extensions

Use a cable exercise machine, and only a one handed handle to target one tricep.

Put your back to the machine, whether sitting down or standing up. Lift up the weight as high until it goes above your head and then start lowering your hand behind your head.


4.Tricep pushups

Basically an adapted version of the regular pushups. Put your hands down on the floor. But unlike the regular push up, you need to place them closer together so your triceps are targeted.

You need to perform this in the right form so you don’t injure yourself. Make sure your body is straight. Then, lower your body down but don’t touch the floor and go back up. Perform the desired repetitions.