4 Barbell Complex Exercises For More Burn Calories

Barbell Complex represents an intense form of circular weight training, were is performed at least two workouts one after other without rest using two hands weight who should touch the floor till is finish lest session of the training.

This method of working out can be used as a substitute for yours weight training, or it can be put in your routine workout.Barbell complex training method it is not intended for beginners in working out, but for all more experienced bodybuilders who decides to practice some variant of this training method well notice following benefits:

. Significant improvement in cardiovascular capacity, without the extra practice of cardio workouts.

. Significantly increased muscle strength.

. Burning many calories.

This training method of work out can be a complete training were it performs at least four workouts in a series from 4 to 6 series, or it can be put on the end of some training session with using less number of series and workouts with using less weight.


What mass be the notice in a creation of barbell complex training program is choice and schedule of workouts, or to chose workouts what we’ll target different muscle group and well provide a good transition from one to other work out without any big changes of holding two hands weight.

About the weight (for all workouts well be use one weight) what well be use ,it is necessary to chose weight according to the work out from a barbell complex training program what is the hardest to do(for all bodybuilders individually according to their opportunities )and weight what well not be a problem to do at least 10 repetitions from this work out.

Depending on the individual capabilities of each bodybuilders number of repetition ( what well be the same for all bodybuilders ) need to be from 6 to 10. Resting between all series be 2-3 min w ere a number of series well be individually according to the capacity of every bodybuilder well be from 4-6 series.

Choice and schedule of workouts in this barbell complex training program

Workout number 1 (Front Squats) it is six repetitions from this workout.

front squat

Workout number 2 (Overhead Press) it is six repetitions from this workout.


Workout number 3 (Bent Over Row) it is six repetitions from this workout.

Bent Over Row

Workout number 4 (Romanian Deadlift) it is six repetitions from this workout.


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