30 Rules And Tips To Quickly Reduce Excess Weight And Body Fat!

Generally for most of the active practitioners reducing excess fat is more difficult process in compared to getting muscle mass.

This is due to the fact that most of the active practitioners lack information and knowledge about healthy eating and a proper exercise program and a wrong way of thinking that reducing excess fat can only be achieved by practicing long cardio workouts.

In continuation of this article you will read some information related to nutrition, proper exercise and motivation that will help you to strengthen your body and reduce excess weight.


1. Increase your current protein intake by 15% -20%

Besides being a necessary part of building lean muscle mass, protein has higher thermal effects in terms of carbohydrates and fats.

This means that the total of entered fewer calories will be smaller because your body uses more calories for its decomposition.

About 20% -35% of calories which are entered by consuming protein will be spent for their decomposition, compared with protein, the percentage of carbohydrates is 5% -10% while the fat percentage is 0% -5%.

The protein also reduces appetite.


2. Start your day with more abundant and balanced breakfast

Out meal

3. Practice a training program for the whole body

Although isolation exercises and workouts are a great way to achieve the desired definition of the body, when it comes to spending more calories during and after hard workouts, complex exercises and training programs for the whole body are far more effective.

The workout for the whole body includes intense muscle activity of almost all muscle groups and performing these exercises requires more energy compared to isolation exercises and split training programs.


4. If you decide to do isolation exercises, do at least 1-2 isolation exercises in the form of drop series


5. Change the traditional way of doing cardio and insert High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) into your training program

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