25 Tasty Food With Less Than 100 Calories!!!

In this article, we’ll be given information about what are and most use products what content less than 100 calories per 100 gr.

This product can be use as an addition to your food or then can be great options for a healthy snack. So that’s a way you stay till the end of this article and find out how they can benefit your health this next low calorie and tasty food.

Radish contains sitosterols, compacts which help in lowering your cholesterol.
Beside this radish is offering next health benefits:

radish juice
Radish in the East medicine is known by reducing the body temperature in a hot days, it is also excellent in relief pain in your throat when you have a cold, also is helping to process the food and cleaning your digesting track and on the end her very high level of water, vitamin C and chink it’s helping to your body to stay hydrated on a hot days. 100 gr of radish have 18 calories and 2 gr vegetable fiber.

2. Strawberries

Strawberry in Asia is called, Queen of fruits, because is offering a lot of health benefits compared to the apples, oranges or bananas they have a lot of healthy materials. Strawberries contain a large amount of vitamin C in a portion compared with the others often consumed fruit.

strawberry power

Beside this strawberries have the next health benefits: they are helping to with melting extra body fat improving short-term memory, components in strawberries what are responsible for color and taste are lowering the risk of heart conditions, they have potassium, vitamin K, and magnesium what is important for healthy bones. 100 gr of strawberries have 35 calories and besides this, they contain around 90% from the daily dose of vitamin C.

3. Young onion

Young onion (or more known as baby onions) it contains a big amount of vitamin K, who have a vital role in forming and stronger the bones.

Young onion
Baby onion is great to use in any kind of green lettuce were in 100 gr baby onion containing around 35 calories from which 2 or 3 gr. are vegetable fibers and an enormous amount of vitamin C (34% from recommended daily dose) and vitamin A also.

4. Celery 100 gr of celery contains 16 calories from which 1.6 gr vegetable fiber.


5. Fresh spinach
Spinach represents an excellent food what contains a big amount of healthy materials. Spinach what represents a dark green plant it’s helping in hair and skin care, healthy bones and have a high amount of proteins, iron and big amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Effects Of Spinach

Besides this spinach have this next health benefits: it’s improving glycemic control diabetes, lower cancer risk, lowering blood pressure and risk of asthma. 100 gr of baby spinach contains 23 calories from which 0,5 gr fats, 3 gr proteins, 2,3 gr vegetable fiber, 46% of the daily dose of vitamin C, 180% from the daily dose of vitamin A.

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