20 Tips For The Best Training Program

The road of bodybuilding is long and hard. Seeing no results after a long time can be annoying.


That’s why we’ve set up a list of 23 tips to help you make the most out of your training.


1. Work on all of the muscle groups and don’t forget the legs! The upper body is the part that everyone notices, but you need to work on every other part.

Working on the legs boosts testosterone and will help you gain more muscle mass.

2.  Before you start with your training program, you need to measure your arms, thighs, waist, chest, etc.

It’ll be easier to know how much you’ve progressed later on.

3.  It is very hard to gain muscle mass and lose body weight at the same time.

4.  Have realistic goals. One pound of muscle mass a week is an amazing progress.

5.  You need to know your body type so you can know which diet works best for you.

6.  Drink enough water!

7.  Work on each muscle group once a week but not longer than one hour.

8.  45-50 minutes of lifting is the recommended time. If you lift longer than one hour you risk catabolism.

9.  Every muscle needs 24 hours to recover, even if you don’t feel fatigue.

10.  You need to remember that isn’t easy to maintain a low body fat percentage while you’re gaining muscle mass.

11.  Consume carbs like brown rice with a low GI.

12.  Muscles grow while you sleep. You need enough rest.

13.  Rest for 1 week once in 8 weeks.

14.  Start a new training routine after the break.

15.  Always warm up before you start with the workout. Otherwise, you risk injuries.

16.  When you are done with the warm up, do a few intense sets to muscle failure.

17.  Don’t take longer breaks than 2 minutes between sets.

18.  The recommended proportion of fats, carbohydrates and protein is 20%: 40%: 40%. But, the proportion can variate based on your needs.

19.  You should start your workout with compound exercises and finish it with isolation.

20.  Keeping track of your progress is very important.