20 Reasons Why Squats Need To Be a Part Of Your Routine

If I had to choose only one weight training movement which increases strength and builds lean muscles, my choice would be squats.

But, in order to achieve the best results, you need to know how to perform squats properly.

Having the proper technique and form is essential to get the optimal benefits and to avoid injuries. It’s an easy movement to perform, and I recommended it to everybody.

And with this article, I decided to tell you the 20 best reasons why squats should be a part of your routine.

Some of these reasons are part of my experience, and some of them I have researched.

There is this common misconception that squats are only meant for professional bodybuilders and athletes; which is not true.

Squats suit anybody, both male and female, who want to build lean muscle, burn excess fat or just improve their health.

If you think about it, every one of us, whether realizing it or not, has to stand up, sit down or pick something up off the ground.

We never think about how to make these movements. It comes naturally and we’ve been doing them since we were children.

Squats, if done correctly, are the best compound movement for increasing strength and size and building muscle mass.


Squatting on a Smith machine

Most gyms have a Smith machine, where the bar connects within steel rails, for extra safety.

This prepares you to perform squats on a squat rack.

In my opinion, one of the biggest reasons why some people avoid squats is because they’re scared of injuries.

But if you know how to perform them properly, squats will help you increase muscle mass in your lower and upper body.

Regardless if you want to build muscle, increase strength or lose weight, squats will help you achieve your goal as long as you are persistent and lift often.

I advise you not to perform squats more than twice a week. Like with any other lifting movement, recovery is vital.

If you work on the same muscle groups every day, you don’t allow them to recover and risk injuries if you’re not careful.

If you are skinnier and you want build muscle, it’s good to star with five sets with your own body weight. Then, once you can lift heavier, you should gradually increase the weight.


And here are the 20 reasons why you should squat:


1. You increase strength and size in your whole body

When you perform squats, you also work on your quads, calves and hamstrings. Because of the high amount of HGH released, you also build strength and size in your whole body.


2. You improve circulation in your body

Squats get the blood pumping in the whole body and improve the overall health.


3. You increase growth hormones and testosterone

Squats and other similar movements such as deadlifts release the essential growth hormones which contribute to strength increase and muscle growth.


4. Increase core strength

Squats target the entire core, which gives you another reason to perform them if you want to build your abs.


5. Improve flexibility

The deeper you squat, the more flexible you become. Squats also help you increase hip flexibility.