13 Necessary Food Products For Solid And Healthy Body

No matter if your goal is increasing of weight (gaining massively) build of clear muscle mass or having a healthy and solid body without some bigger physical activity it’s necessary to have correct and balance food.



Eggs ( whites from eggs ) are the most use source of proteins from all fitness and bodybuilding athletes which contain 100% clear protein.

egg white

Some researchers show and recommend to avoid often consuming yolk because it contains all the fat ( yolk from one big egg contain 4,5-5 grams fat and 184 mg cholesterol ) which are found in eggs.

Here we also need to mention even if yolk has a large amount of cholesterol she contains all the vitamins and nutrition’s what can be found in one egg.



Almonds represent one of the healthiest sources of fats even if they contain a lot of calories.

Almonds don’t represent a complete source of proteins with consuming 30-40 grams of almonds you well consume 8 grams of proteins.


A big number of researchers shows consuming 30-40 grams of nuts ( where almonds are) you can lower LDL bad cholesterol and risk from heart diseases.


3.Multivitamins supplements

No matter if you have proper and balanced diets, multivitamin supplements represent easiest and most effective way to be sure you are taking all necessary nutritions.

Multivitamins supplements

4.Fish oil

Is proven that fish oil is improving every aspect of heart health.

Anti-inflammatory properties what contains fish oil are key for joint health.

Fish oil


Cucumber is ‘’ free food”  what mean it’s impossible to eat too much from it.

Cucumber contains a big amount of water and antioxidants.

Cucumber Salad

Consuming cucumber have the following benefits: rehydration of the body and refilling daily need for vitamins, care of hair and skin, help in the battle with cancer, helping to remove bad breath, great medicine for a hangover, helping losing weight and digestion of food.



7.White onion

Even eating onion give bad breath the benefits from his consummation are huge and incomparable.

White onion

Onion helping in cleaning blood vessels what is very important in preventing some heart diseases.

Onion also helps in absorption of iron and zinc.

8. Chicken breasts ( clean chicken meat)

Chicken breasts


Bananas are the great choice for a source of cilium what is basic mineral in keeping normal blood pressure.

banana protein shake

Middle big banana contain 400-450 mg cilium and 2 mg Natrium.

Consuming banana also prevents the weakening of the bones in the body.


Fish is rich in proteins and a large amount nutrition’s ( selenium and vitamin D ).

Fish also have Omega 3 fat acids which lower the risk of heart diseases and other health problems.

fish meal



12.Out meal

Out meal

13.Clean beef meat 

Clean beef meat