11 Tips To Increase Muscle Mass

1.Exercise properly

Improper execution leads to poor results. Exercise properly, feel the tightening of the muscles under resistance, and thus develop high-quality muscles. It will improve your exercise experience and you will feel a greater development of muscles.

2.Do not complicate

Do not overcomplicate your training routine. Individuals who trained in the 40s and 50s of the last century had some of the best physical structure. These men trained in a natural way, and their routines were simple.

Three times a week – every exercise routine involved the whole body. Use the simpler scheme repeats, 5 sets of 5 reps or 5 sets of 10 repetitions. There is no reason to complicate, because basic training does the job.

3.Be patient

It takes a lot of patience for building the body that you imagined. Unfortunately, the muscles do not grow overnight.  In a perfect scenario with optimal conditions, your body can produce 10 grams of muscle per day. Getting 20 kg of muscle in a month is not possible. Get that idea out of your head because it is not possible.

4.Be consistent

Consistency is probably the most important item on this list. You must be consistent when trying to build muscle or lose fat.

Each program works to some extent, but the consistency of one program is what leads to the best results. Individuals who are working hard in the gym and who train regardless of other circumstances have such results.

5.Focus on progressive overload

Progressive overload is the most important aspect of building muscle. If you do not train with progression, do not train at all!

Muscles only respond to the load and volume of training. If you work more with more load, your muscles have no choice but to adapt to it and become bigger and stronger.  If you are focused on “confusing the muscles” or are not sufficiently committed to your training program, your results will be weak or absent for a long time.

6.Have an exercise journal

How do you know what improves you, and what not? I like to compare our individual bodies with scientific experiments. We’re our own guinea pigs; we should constantly monitor, supervise and adjust our program, in order to achieve what is best for us. Without having an exercise journal you can’t know what works best for you. A detailed log of the workout would likely lead to lasting results.

7.Plan ahead

Success is a planned event. Bringing the body into shape will not happen by accident. If you want results in the gym, you have to plan. Plan ahead for every day. Prepare meals in advance and thus have access to food that is good for you – no unplanned visits to the “junk food” restaurants after a hard workout.

If you do not see results, you are not planning right. Have you done a cardio workout this week? No, and why? You did not plan in advance. You skipped a meal and ended up in McDonalds – you do not plan in advance. Stop making excuses and do it.

8.Focus on complex movements

Isolation movements are great and definitely have their place in training, but you should always strive toward progress in the basic compound movements. Compound movements are movements that involve more muscles at once, such as squats, deadlifts, bench press and rowing.

With complex movements, you will work simultaneously with more muscles, leading to greater muscle building and fat burning in your body. You will have a systematic reaction and your body will require more muscle mass.

9.Lift heavier weights

Power has nothing to do with size. Some of the best powerlifters are women who weight 60 kilograms. Your diet will control the amount of muscle that you build, but the more power you have, the better for you. The more muscle you build, you will look slimmer and more harmonious. Lifting heavy loads will lead to building muscles hard as stone. Do not lift small loads with more repetitions to lose more fat. It does not work. Stay true to the complex movements of lifting large loads.

10.Eat smart

80 percent of what you see in the mirror is based on your eating habits. If you eat like a pig, there is a good chance that you’ll look like one. Proper nutrition plays a big role in building muscle mass and muscle recovery after a workout. Regular meals after a workout, along with a balanced dose of macronutrients, will result in a healthy, strong body.

11.There is no magic pill

Do not be a person who jumps from routine to routine in the hope of achieving a better form overnight. There is no magic potions, secret routines and diets. People who are constantly looking for a new way to achieve a better shape, only lose valuable time. Instead of investing so much effort in the search for a easier and quicker way, try to enjoy the process.

I love exercising and I love exercising every day. Simply enjoy the process. If you do not make an effort to stay true to your exercise routine and proper diet, your body will not show results. Do not ignore the basics – accept them.