10 Simple Ways To Remove Unnecessary Calories From Your Diet !!!

In Western countries, the majority of the population is overweight. Reducing excess weight is one of the biggest challenges for any individual who has a problem with that.

In fact statistically, 95% of diets fail. People who start enthusiastically in the new year, soon end their diet in early March.

But the reduction in weight may be easier than you think if you follow these simple tips to reduce unnecessary calories from the food you eat every day.

low-fat dressings

1.Use low-fat dressings

Many often we think that we are eating a healthy meal, and it isn’t healthy at all.

Take the salad in a restaurant for example.

It may be filled with nutritionally rich vegetables, and still covered with full-fat, cream and sugar dressings.

Dressings as ketchup, barbecue sauce and mayonnaise can add around 100 more calories per meal!

At the end, the salad won’t be really healthy. Using low-fat dressings such as mustard, ketchup with reduced sugar, tomato sauce, etc. will give you a great taste and yet you won’t not enter a lot of calories.

2.Drink more water

drink water

Thirst is often confused with hunger.

When the body is pretty dehydrated, the brain senses the signals and receives them as hunger.

It is crucial to consume enough water when you are on a reduced calorie intake to prevent this from happening.

Drinking one glass before every meal will also prevent you from overeating.

3.Drink black coffee


Coffee when consumed in its purest form contains only 5 calories per cup!

Add foam or cream and a few teaspoons of sugar and it is another story.

Finally, your coffee can contain more calories than your breakfast.

Drinking a latte with a cigarette in the morning may be your main enemy of the diet.

Drink your coffee clean. Your waist will thank you.

4.Limit your intake of alcohol

Beer and belly

You decided to go out and drink a few drinks. Several have turned into more and before you realize, you drank more than you should your view is blurred and you’re sitting with a friend at home and eating pizza.

Every glass of alcohol that you consume contains about 100 calories, whether it is beer, wine or a shot.

If you really want to lose more weight, eliminating alcohol is a great start.

5.Control your portion sizes


Big plates mean one thing – big meals.

Instead of taking the biggest plate that has the potential to be filled, take the smallest.

Come back again for a bit if you’re hungry. It is more likely to eat more if you see more, and it leads to a full stomach, and the final outcome is an increase in unwanted weight.

Focus on the quality of the food on your plate, not the quantity.

6.Don’t eat from a box or a bag

Chips, crackers, cookies – all packed in large packs to last longer.

However, if you sit and watch the latest episode of your favorite series, there is a big chance to eat more.

To avoid overeating, put some on your plate and remove the bag on the side. You can save hundreds of calories this way.

7.Reduce the use of oil or butter while cooking

Many recipes include oil. J

ust one tablespoon of oil can contain 200 calories and about 16 grams of fat.

Use olive oil in smaller quantities.

8.Eat more vegetables


Vegetables are low calorie foods rich in micronutrients.

The high content of fibrids will fill the stomach without a lot of calories. A diet that is rich in vegetables prevents heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure.

Fill half of your plate with vegetables. You are fed without guilt.

9.Read the nutritional labels

nutritional labels

People forget to read the nutritional labels on the boxes and their doses.

A pack of chips can be said to have 100 calories, but it can be a portion of 10 small pieces.

Incorrect reading of these labels can lead you to consume more calories than you want or need.

Read the labels and make good choices with food.

10.Don’t drink your calories

The most popular carbonated drinks are the enemy No. 1 for excess weight.

Coke, “healthy juices”, ice tea and even milk is full of unnecessary calories.

Just one glass of Coke has 200 calories that are mainly sugar.

If you gather everything for over one year, the consumption of 1 cup of Coke can lead to 8 kilograms of excess fat!

Aim to consume such beverages on minimal. Stick with drinks without sugar.